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August 2008:

With over 25 years of experience home brewing and at the insistence of one of the biggest beer nuts I know, I started looking into what was involved in going-pro.

September 2010:

During the last two years of research and development I found a whole new respect for the hard working people that bring us our beer.

We hope you appreciate our Big Red Ale and Inukshuk IPA as much as we do.

October 2011:

After running into unforeseeable obstacles that prevented us from releasing Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout last year, we decided to save it for a fall release this year.  Those in the know have been waiting for this one and we thank you for your patience.

May 2013:

Well it's been a couple of years since our last release and we have to wonder where the time went.  Where ever it went it sure got there in a hurry!  So here we are with our fourth year round beer, COLD ONE Pale Ale.  COLD ONE is an American Pale Ale with 29 IBUs and 5.65% ABV.  It's everything you look for in a pale ale and then balanced to perfection.  Keep on the look out for it in June at your favorite haunt and bottle shop.




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Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout

We hope you will enjoy our award winning

Your Black Heart Russian Imperial Stout!

With 90 IBUs and 8% ABV you might

expect something else but with an

Original Gravity of 1.092, balance is restored.



Inukshuk IPA

InukshukWeighing in at 1.067 Original Gravity and 69 IBUs,

Inukshuk IPA combines a bitter hop bite and light

citrus nose with just enough of a malt backbone

to support its 7% ABV all together achieving

a balancing act for your senses.

Available in 6 Packs as shown as well as

5.16 Gallon Kegs and 15.5 Gallon Kegs.



Big Red Ale


It’s Big! It’s Red!  It’s an Irish-Style Red Ale with a

North American Attitude!

With 30 IBUs and an Original Gravity of 1.058,

this 6% ABV Red Ale has all the body you want

with just the right amount of hoppy goodness.

Available in 6 Packs as shown as well as

5.16 Gallon Kegs and 15.5 Gallon Kegs.


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